Creative Process

Website Design for Intelligent Retrieval: Big Data Solution Experts

Company Profile

Intelligent Retrieval, LLC is an Ecommerce marketing solution powered by artificial intelligence. A developer of software that automatically extracts actionable intelligence from big data to benefit users and customers. IR specializes in unstructured data and uses a variety of different artificial intelligence techniques and strategies to develop our software and provide the greatest value to our customers.

Marketing Goals & Strategy

“We want to be used by all Adwords advertisers to improve their ROI” says Sharon G. Small, CEO, Intelligent Retrieval.

“Our goal is to be perceived as the only solution for accurate understandings of a companies’ e-commerce data” she says. “Our target audience consist of Adwords users who are struggling with supporting it or want to improve their ROI.” “Our criteria for success with the website development and the development of marketing collateral for our sales team is to have the ability to strongly position and sell our Marketing Intelligence System.”

The eMedia Arts & Communication Solution

“Jim Gross worked with us to develop a solid Creative Brief at the outset of the project to clearly defined our business goals and objectives.”

“Through the development of the Creative Brief we were able to identify the requirements for the website.”

“Once our goals were defined, Jim set to working on creating the look and feel of our website. Jim worked closely with us to choose colors, graphics, utilize our  branding elements and developed layouts for our web pages and marketing brochures, Jim’s knowledge about concepts like ‘calls to action’, organizing our site’s content, and setting up layouts provided our sales staff with the marketing tools needed to drive business development.”

Website design for Intelligent Retrieval LLC

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