The Creative Brief

The most valuable tool for the creative process

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Define Your Audience & Purpose

With a clearly defined understanding of your audience and purpose, we can begin to generate ideas to accomplish your business goals. The creative brief saves time and keeps us focused throughout the creative process.

We refer to this document to repeatedly throughout the life span of your project as we test ideas and approaches generated from freewheeling brainstorming sessions.

Staying on Track

Our marketing strategies and creative concepts are driven are always tied to reaching your audience and serving your purpose in a powerful ways.

What to Include

Your creative brief may include any or all of the following:

  1. Overview: Who are you: What is your product/service?
  2. Goal: Your Objectives—Where do you want to go?
  3. Desired Results & Vision: How would you like to be perceived?
  4. Audience: Target Market—Who is your Audience? Demographic?
  5. Tone: Project Voice—Informative? entertaining? educational? etc. What do you want this to say about you?
  6. Visual Guidelines: Are there existing corporate identity standards? Color preferences?
  7. Environment: Where and how will it be used?
  8. Competition: Who is your primary competitor?
  9. Call to action: What do you want the target audience to do?
  10. Success Criteria: Define how you will judge a successful project?

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