The Creative Brief

The Value of the Creative Brief

The creative brief is one of the most valuable tools I’ve used in the creative process. Creative design is about the development of ideas that support the business goals as defined in the creative brief. Start by defining your audience and purpose. Once you have a clear idea about your audience and what your purpose is, you can begin to generate creative content in a logical and measurable way.

A good creative brief will allow you to stay focused throughout the sometimes lengthy development process. The creative brief is a great tool to return to repeatedly throughout the project to test new ideas and approaches generated from freewheeling brainstorming sessions. Understanding the business goals to be accomplished will keep the project on track and prevent going down blind alleys and spinning your creative wheels.

It’s the business goals that are more important then the designer or design team. In my experience I can identify specific projects have gone into the ditch for a lack of a creative brief and others that have greatly benefited by having a solid creative brief in place from the start.

image of a sample creative brief
Downloadable Example of a Creative Brief

In some ways the creative brief is a form of agreement between the stakeholders and the designers involved in the project. Designers who can articulate the features of a design and explain the rationale behind the decisions that were made to arrive at the design approach, are at a distinct advantage in the business world. Projects greatly benefit by the clarity of business goals.

My designs are fashioned from the basis of the creative brief – they are driven by clearly defined business goals – the parameters for the designs are formed by the goals and objectives of the project.

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