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Recent Work: eBook Design for GTM Payroll Services

Design Project: “The Complete Guide to Small Business Payroll

When GTM Payroll Services needed to produce their latest e-Book entitled “The Complete Guide to Small Business Payroll”, they reached out to me to provide creative design, art direction and layout for the new publication. I enjoyed working on this project because they provided me with a well-crafted Creative Brief at the outset of the project – which included all the design parameters I would need. They provided a one-page description of their audience and purpose—included information about their competition and some general design suggestions.

My Design Approach

The e-Book is written for small businesses, so the graphics needed to reflect the intended audience. However, using pictures of specific types of business might easily miss the mark. If I depicted a retail business for example, a small manufacturer could potentially feel the piece irrelevant to their specific needs.

We generally separate businesses into two worlds: Wall Street and Main Street. So I chose a series of line art graphics that depicted main street for the cover and similar graphics to support the various concepts conveyed in the text.

Having worked with GTM Payroll services in the past, I was drew on their corporate branding style guide and utilized typography and existing palette of colors to use throughout the piece so it would fit in nicely with their website and other e-books they provide.

The Results

I felt confident that my first draft addressed the goals outlined in the creative brief and was pleased when they told me “Overall this is great”. With some minor revisions we moved quickly to finalizing the layout.


The experience drove home how important having a creative brief is to the creative process. I was able to home in on what design approach would best fit the client’s needs and present the information and public image they wanted to convey. I was also able to avoid wasting a lot of time shooting in the dark so to speak and spinning my creative wheels on design ideas that would not do the job.

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