Video of Mutual Aid Volunteer Fire Company Drill

Video Documentary of Firefighter Training

Comprehensive fire response drill at the Berne-Knox-Westerlo Elementary School, scheduled for Monday, June 30, 2014.

This drill will sharpen the skills of area firefighters to better prepare them for any fire emergency at the BKW schools. Multiple practice interior firefighting evolutions will occur, simulating the actual search and rescue operations that may be required at a large, populated structure such as a school.

This drill will place heavy emphasis on firefighter accountability and improved familiarity with the school environment. In addition to the interior firefighting evolutions, there will be a large-scale operation flowing significant volumes of water using approximately 10 pieces of fire apparatus. This aspect of the drill will challenge firefighters to establish and maintain the levels of water necessary to extinguish a large fire in a building the size of a school with minimal reliance on hydrant systems, which are rare in the Albany County Hilltowns.