Firefighters Honored for Service in 2014 Buffalo Snowstorm

Video Documentary of Local Volunteer Firefighters Honored by Albany County Legislature

Deborah Busch, Albany County Legislator, read a proclamation commending five Albany County Hilltown volunteer firefighters for their commitment and efforts in helping our neighbors in Western New York State during the 2014 Buffalo Snowstorm:

We would like to honor these individuals with a proclamation from the Albany County Legislature for their heroic deeds. This is honoring our firefighters from the hilltowns for their assistance to others during the Buffalo 2014 snowstorm and the proclamation reads as such.

WHEREAS, on November 18th 2014, Buffalo New York received five feet of snow within 24 hours, leaving drivers stranded on roadways and residents trapped in their homes.

WHEREAS, the storm shut down the city of Buffalo and its surrounding suburbs for days, leaving these most in need alone and scared for their well-being.

WHEREAS, on Wednesday, November 19th a group of five highly-trained Albany County volunteer fire fighters embarked on a journey to assist Buffalo residents in the recovery efforts and to help reach those in need.

WHEREAS, these brave firefighters included Scott Duncan, Chief of the East Berne Fire Department, Jason Smith Assistant Chief of the East Berne Fire Department, Brandon Kallner, Firefighter of the East Berne Fire Department, Nicholas Minute, Captain of the Berne Fire Department and Ethan Sharpe Lieutenant of the Westerlo Fire Department.

WHEREAS, these five men covered 148 miles while working 70 hours 60 of which were in the town of Hamburg New York, where they conducted four search and rescues, provided seven assists to EMS for transportation to hospitals, conducted five welfare checks and medication deliveries, and attended eight collapsed buildings.

WHEREAS, selfless individuals who give their time and energies to help those in need, are an asset beyond remuneration and cannot be sufficiently extolled.

WHEREAS, through their actions and deeds, Chief Duncan, Assistant Chief Smith, Firefighter Kallner, Captain Minute and Lieutenant Sharpe, have proven themselves to be selfless individuals who have brought pride and honor to their families, communities and to the County of Albany, and it be

NOW THEREFORE RESOLVED, that this honorable body of the 39th Legislative District hereby recognize and commend Chief Scott Duncan, Assistant Chief Jason Smith, Firefighter Brandon Kallner, Captain Nicholas Minute and Lieutenant Ethan Sharp for their unselfish dedication to the people of the City of Buffalo and the Town of Hamburg during the snowstorm of 2014.