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How To Get Your Social Media Mojo Workin’!

Your Business Goals

Start with a strategy that serves your company’s goals. Define your goals. What do you need? Traffic to your website? New customers? Repeat business? Launching a new product or service? Defining your business goals at the outset will enable you to measure results and review and revise your social media marketing and content strategies.


Next you will need to conduct research to determine the most appropriate social media platforms relevant to your business’ marketing. No two companies are alike in this respect and the results of this kind of research always turns up a unique array of social media platforms.

Get Involved

Once you’ve defined the appropriate social media channels for your company, you can begin the process of joining and setting up your business representation. You will likely build a fan page on Facebook, a Twitter account, a company profile on LinkedIn, and a blog.

Content Strategies

You will also need to develop a content strategy for your business. What do you plan to put out there as a business for others to see and comment on? You should consider creating content such as photos, videos, articles, white papers, slideshows, presentations, podcasts, webinars etc. The content needs of the target audience you are trying to reach will also drive your content strategy.

The social media marketing strategy will incorporate your content strategy and will then serve to guide the process of developing a goal and measurement driven marketing campaign.

Monitor Your Brand Online

Now you have many dynamic ways to build strong brand awareness by establishing your business on relevant social media platforms and engaging your online audience. You can monitor the web to measure sentiment about the brand and can respond accordingly to positive or negative comments.

Track, Measure, Analyze, Adjust

Your strategy will serve as a discovery process from which you can analyze your results, refine and adapt your marketing campaigns to become even more effective at engaging and converting your customers.

Grow Your Business Online

Are you looking for a social media marketing strategist who can provide the necessary direction skills and guidance to help you navigate the myriad channels and determine the best approach for your business and marketing campaign?

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