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Case Study: The Super Peel—Product Packaging

Client Profile

Gary Casper CEO of EXO Products, inventor of the Super Peel®  a kitchen utensil for the home baker for gently placing pizzas and breads on your baking stone, and a Precision Dough Handling Tool, to simplify any dough movement and placement. Easy to use, it will quickly make you a Master of your baking craft!

SuperPeelProProject Goal & Strategy:

Design packaging for the new Super Peel Pro product.

With the launch of this new product pending, Gary Casper approached me to design packaging for his the Super Peel Pro to be featured in retail stores.

The Problem

  1. Unlike most kitchen tools, people who see it in retail stores cannot immediately understand what it is or what it does and why they should buy it.
  2. We need to educate them via the packaging: What it is, what it does, and why they need it.
  3. A 10 second video would easily convey this concept to the consumer - but we can only use static images and text on the packaging to convey how useful this tool is for moving dough.

The Design Solution:

The idea was to photograph a series of 6 images to show the Super Peel in action:

  • A shot of the peel placed at the edge of the pizza
  • A second shot showing the pizza halfway onto the peel
  • A third shot showing the entire pizza loaded on the top of the peel.

And another series of three shots showing the progress of the super peel being used to place the pizza on the hot baking stone in the oven. These photos will be featured on the packaging to illustrate how the product works.

The Results

The finished design fulfills the criteria we defined early in the creative process - to provide an attractive and informative package that reflects the Super Peel brand look and feel.

Super-package-designFront of Super Peel Pro package design

Back-Super-Peel-PackageBack of Super Peel Pro package design

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