Creative Services


  • Videography
  • Music Composition
  • Music Production
  • Sound Design for
    • Films
    • Animations
    • Commercials

Online Marketing

I work with clients to define and establish marketing goals, design marketing campaigns and content strategies using a variety of media including web and 2D print, interactive media and video and manage campaign strategies to optimize the effectiveness of marketing efforts

Creative Design

Logos, corporate identity development, websites, user interface, email templates and landing pages, marketing collateral, advertisements, promotional graphics, social media branding…and more

Jim Gross

who am I?

An accomplished developer of web, technology and marketing resources to further brand, sales and lead generation in highly-competitive as well as emerging markets. Record of achievement in conceptualizing ideas and managing through designing and executing award-winning strategies that contributed to bottom-line results.

  • Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Creative Designer
  • Media Production Manager
  • Conceptual Art Director

what do i do?




I worked with Jim on many web site-related projects and the quality and creativity of his work is very good. He’s easy to work with, works well in group settings, and can communicate well with non-marketing/artist people.”

— Mark Gaulin

Chief Software Architect, GlobalSpec, Inc.

Jim’s work is outstanding in all aspects of design. The solutions that he provided are excellent works that consider the not only the application but also the function of the piece. These are crucial in good design practices. His work appears to be mature and consistent.

I am confident his future in the design field will be a very positive experience.

— Paul Miyamoto

Clinical Associate Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Jim held us to a high standard, but always provided the support and training necessary for us to attain those goals. He is a creative and tenacious problem-solver, and can facilitate a collaborative solution by bringing out the best in his team. I would work with Jim again with enthusiasm, and recommend him for any position he may pursue in the future.

— Susan J. Sechrist

Production Assistant, Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“I’m pleased to recommend Jim Gross on several levels. Jim is a consummate professional who produces exceptionally high quality work and he is a very talented creative designer. Jim has redesigned and established the brand look and feel for virtually every aspect of several lines of GlobalSpec businesses; including the design for the extensive line of e- newsletters, e-events collateral, CR4 the company social networking site. Jim also contributed his talent to brand logo designs for the e-newsletters and e-events. He is an energetic and versatile designer.”

— Guy Maser

SVP Marketing, GlobalSpec

He is the consummate team player, a beacon of optimism every minute of every day and intuitively recognizes that flexibility is tantamount to success in a business like ours. He always gravitates to the simple yet profound notion that all that really matters is doing something that creates value for a user, an advertising client or for a colleague, and he does this with no politics and a fundamental sense of joy and happiness that frankly just amazes me.

— Jeff Killeen

CEO, GlobalSpec, Inc.



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Ask a Creative Designer

OK need your help here. I need to write another blog post but was wondering what you would like to know. So ask away. Do you have a question for a creative? Please let me know.

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